Supply On Demand

What is it? And how does it work?

Unleash Your Creative Potential With Supply On Demand
1. No Space Needed,
2. We Cut, You Assemble,
3. Your Success Is Ours
Anyone Can Have A Side Hustle..
Don't Let Time Stop You

Unleash Your Creative Potential With Supply On Demand

1. No Space Needed,
2. We Cut, You Assemble
3. Your Success Is Ours

Let's Get Started!

Don't have space for equipment?

No Space needed..

With Supply On Demand, you don’t need to worry about having equipment in your apartment or in your home. We handle all of the cutting and send you the required materials needed for your inventory.

Just Paint and Ship?

We Cut, You assemble..

With Supply On Demand, you have laser cutting services at your disposal. We ship you the cut pieces for your designs, and allow you to apply the personal touch that you want your customers to experience.

How Can we best serve you?

Your Success is Ours..

The more we are able to help you succeed, the more Collab Customs succeeds! We would love to be the reason you were able to finally start your side business and showcase your creativity.

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Birch Wood Sheets

Walnut Wood Sheets

Clear Acrylic Sheets

Colored Acrylic Sheets

Step By Step Guide

Step 1

Send Us Your Design​

Send us either a SVG or PNG file of your design. (A black image svg. file is the best to send) If you have any questions regarding files, please don’t hesitate to ask! 

Step 2

Choose Your Material & Size

Select the desired material for your design. You can easily check out the cost of each material in the materials section.

Step 3

Tell Us the Number of Units​ You Need

Select the desired material for your design and include the number of units you want to order.​ If you’re just starting out, you can purchase fewer items, or a sample.

We can only provide you with a “close estimate” for the shipping cost during the fulfillment of your order. The cost of shipping will vary based on the designs weight, size, chosen shipping method, and units ordered. The shipping cost will covered by Collab Customs initially to ship out the order, then billed to you after once we know the actual cost for shipping. 

Step 4

Start Selling!

Once you have your order, you’re all set to start selling your designs! When you feel like you need to re-order more inventory, just send us an email and we’ll get you supplied at your demand!

Any Unanswered Questions?

Supply On Demand is a method of order fulfillment where we manufacture a design or part of a design for you to add the finishing touches too. Think of us a custom manufacturer for you.

This depends on several factors, though we aim to ship out your designs within 2-5 business days. During holidays, this time can increase.

*Please note this lead time depends on several factors, such as custom set up specifications, size of the order, custom requested materials, etc.

Currently we do NOT have an app integration for this service, at the moment. Though that should change in the near future.

Similar to most businesses, you will be billed at the beginning of your purchase. Via Invoice from Collab Customs. Once we receive your payment we will begin fulfilling your order request.

That’s an awesome choice! Our company was built on that same thought.

Though not everyone can afford the extra expense upfront, live in an apartment, or simply don’t have the time. With Supply On Demand you can get your designs made with minimal cost to see how they sell before making the investment on your end. 

While we are always willing to help you succeed, we do not accept return items.  

Unless it is regarding the quality of the fulfilled item(s). We stand by our quality, therefore we will always cover the cost of an item if it fails to meet the required specifications you requested.

Currently, we do not add any finishes to the designs. Once cut on the specified material, it’s packaged and shipped.

Great Question! While we do not have a Non Disclosure Aggrement with our users, our efforts are that of a business  partner. In agreeing to use our services, we are agreeing to not share your designs with any of our other users.

We Look Forward To Working With You

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