UV Printing (Direct to Substrate)

UV Printing gives you the freedom to print directly
onto virtually anything.

What is Direct to Substrate Printing? (Not used on tumblers)

Direct to substrate printing is a process that applies images directly to the substrate surface.

If you prefer colored prints, ultraviolet printing is for you! UV printing creates a durable, vibrant, and full color print on many of our products. UV printing is a form of digital printing that uses ultraviolet light to dry or cure ink as it is printed. UV cured inks are weather-resistant and offer increased resistance to fading.

  • Rotary items, such as tumblers, utilize Direct to Film printing.
      • This allows us to provide you with a clear gloss layer on your designs.
  • Non-rotary items, such as leather items/flat surface items.
      • They are printed with a white base layer, CYMK (Color) layer, and a varnish (Gloss) layer.

Substrate Printing Process

When you print direct to substrate, it is done using a UV substrate printer. UV printers apply ink containing acrylic monomers that can then be bonded together to almost any flat or cylindrical substrate. Once the monomers are applied, the substrate is passed through a strong UV light for curing. The curing process polymerizes (binds together) the monomers. This process leaves you with a beautiful print on a multitude of substrate materials.

UV Printing (Direct to Film)

Direct to Film UV Printing unleashed the potential of UV Printing. Allowing you to expand colored prints to any surface regardless of its shape.

What is Direct to Film (DTF) Printing?

Direct to Film printing is a process that applies images directly on special transfer film and then is transfer directly to the intended surface.

Some object have a unique shape and can’t be printed directly to the surface. This is where direct to film comes in handy. It utilizes the same printing method as UV printing, except your design is printed directly on a film, then transferred to the products surface. The adhesion from the film to the substrate is as though it was printed directly on the item. This allows us to print on a multitude of items that have odd surface shapes. Such as suitcases, hard hats, octagonal glasses, etc.

  • All Direct to Film items are printed with a white base layer, CYMK (Color) layer, and a varnish (Gloss) layer.
  • Direct to Film produces a raised image surface on the surface of the tumbler.

Direct to Film Printing Process

As the name suggests, direct-to-film prints a design on transfer film and then is transfer directly to the intended surface, such as plastic surface. DTF gives you the freedom to have a vibrant and colorful print on almost any surface.

The artwork will be printed on the reverse side of the film, after which the film is passed through a laminator. Once laminated, we peel off the back film, revealing the new adhesive backing of the artwork (does not come off once placed). The artwork is then placed in the desired location on the material and pressed on.

Laser Engraved

Laser Engraving is a process that engraves materials and leaves a deep mark over the surface.

What is Laser Engraving?

All laser engraved items remove the surface material for the design, which will vary from product to product. This leaves you with the under layer showing, which leaves you with a very elegant design.

Laser Engraving Process

The surface of the material where the laser reaches is carved according to the requirement, and the material from that place is turned into vapors. Consequently, there is a carved surface that can be easily seen through the naked eye or sensed through touch.

In Laser Engraving, when the laser touches the surface, it provides magnificent energy that the solid changes directly in the gas or vapors. The high temperature of the laser beams changes the surface of the material to vapors. Then, these vapors are filtered through the fume extraction system of the laser engraving machine.

The engraving is permanent as it is made through the vaporization of the material. It will last until the material itself decays. Therefore, you can be assured that you will have a lasting design.


Direct to Film vs Laser Engraved

Direct to Substrate vs Laser

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